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Welcome to PNG Yacht Services!

PNGYS  is a full service company. We provide real value to our clients through sincere relationships and high quality service. 


The founder of PNGYS is Craig De Wit. 

Craig’s in-depth knowledge of the uncharted regions of Papua New Guinea is second to none. His love of diving, nature, the culture, people and underwater photography, is infectious and stories of times gone by make him a great addition to any expedition into PNG.


While Craig de Wit was born in Australia, he spent his entire life in Papua New Guinea except for a short stint studying electrical engineering in Australia. After graduating, Craig worked a year in the early years of the establishment of the digital data network, sailed the coral sea, and then later joined a superyacht and sailed the Indian Ocean. The urge to return to PNG was too strong so he returned and started a live aboard business after 35 years of exploring the oceans and terra firma in and around PNG, forming relationships with the villages and obtaining 10,000 plus dives in the process.


Having been involved at the forefront of tourism in PNG since then, building relationships with superyacht captains, resource owners, business operators and the government in formulating a strategy for the future has given Craig critical insight on how to best develop sustainable superyacht tourism in the Pacific Region.



Papua New Guinea, still to this day, a destination that offers an unparalleled experience in exploration and adventure, where you can still feel the rawness of being some of the very few people to visit this country. PNG has some of last untouched terra firma on the planet, primeval rainforests, awe inspiring mountains, rivers and bays. Some 8 million people that speak over 750 languages, not dialects, this represents a third of the worlds languages in this one small country. Each of these languages represents a different tribal group with a distinctly different cultural heritage adding to an already amazing country.

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