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Favourite Cruising Grounds

Milne Bay

The province of Milne Bay is the largest of the Maritime Provinces in Papua New Guinea which takes in around 600 islands.

East & West New Britain

The Island of Volcanoes, looking landward from the sea anywhere along this island stretching from east to west, you are very aware that you are in the Ring of Fire.

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New Ireland and New Hanover

East of New Britain across the Saint Gorges Straight is New Ireland, which lays north west and south east, the Bismarck sea to the west and Pacific Ocean to the east. 



South of New Ireland, and stretching down to the Solomon Islands, Bougainville will become a major stop over for yachts coming from the Solomon Is. 


The Sepik River should be on any cruising boats bucket list, the river trip alone is one of the great river journeys. 

Admiralty Islands

To the north of the Bismark Sea lie the Island group of the Admiralty Islands, the main island being Manus Island. 

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