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The Island of Volcanoes, looking landward from the sea anywhere along this island stretching from east to west, you are very aware that you are in the Ring of Fire. With three active volcanoes and dozens of peaks of dormant ones surrounding, there is an awe of the majestic…… Rabaul recently destroyed by volcanic eruptions from 1994 to just recently was also the main staging port for the Japanese during WWII and you can visit a number of the tunnels they built during the war. The high ridge mountain range provides wind shadows and protection and idyllic coral atoll islands perfect anchorages, with awesome diving on sea mounts that literally drop into hundreds of meters of water. Experiences the teaming marine life and possible encounters with pods of whales, dolphins and even orcas. Swim in hot rivers or experience the mountain waterfalls that gush straight out of a mountain, go fishing for bass. Witness the Bainings Fire Dance or secret society of the Tolia people.. the  Dukduks.

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